Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Dave launched Bet With Confidence in 2014. He focused on creating a transparent business model for his customers by applying his long-term mathematical models and a quality-oriented approach that he has used to bet on sports with for years. He has spent the majority of his career as a lead consultant and analytical and strategic point man for the president of his company in the financial sector and is currently working towards his MBA at Babson College (Olin), the #1 entrepreneurial school in the world.



Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Launching Bet With Confidence alongside Dave in 2014, Dylan has provided his deep web technology and marketing expertise. He spent years at Deloitte in New York City under their digital consulting practice. His skills with front end web development and design on specialized teams allowed him to utilize cutting edge technologies in the overall design and development process.



Chief Analytics Officer, Partner

Mark joined Bet With Confidence shortly after it launched. He soon offered his immense analytical expertise and proved his ability to enhance the betting methods we have today. With a background in engineering, he has applied his detail-oriented mindset to help accelerate the refinement of our systematic approach and improve our advantage against the house.

Our story

We witnessed too many dishonest cappers on twitter, so we decided to do something about it. Bettors were falling victim to falsified records and being sucked into “paid picks” on a weekly basis.

Most bettors need guidance, because if you’re trying to beat the house, you need data behind your picks.

We were, and still are, determined to change the perception of sports betting as “gambling” into investing.

Our mission

We have two objectives. The first is simple: grow your money at high rates of return season over season.

The second: enable you to become a better sports investor over time. This is why we had to upgrade the entire sports betting experience, from the ground up.

We’re excited to reimagine what sports investing means for you.